10 Ways To Keep Yourself Healthy In Winters

Ways To Stay Healthy In Winters

10 Ways To Keep Yourself Healthy In Winters

Increase your immunity and stay healthy from this day only if possible. As we know winters are quite a good time for many types of vegetable so do not forget to include leafy green vegetables. you can easily increase your immunity by consuming vitamins from Echinacea, garlic, vitamin C and or Zinc

“THis best you can do in winters”

So following are the thing which can help us in winters for staying healthy

1. Keep your Immunity Up to Date

Up To Date immunity

During winters it’s important to take care of health and a good amount of sleep will definitely help you out to get a support for your immune system. Further, you can have capsules of multivitamin, supplements, herbs, garlic, lemon tea,   green tea, vitamin c, zinc sources will help you to get a better immune system

2. Avoid Hand Contacts

No hand Contact Bangayamudda

Well, winters allow several virus and germs spread through hands, the flu can Common flu can be easily spread by handshake, passing pen using hanker chiefs. Also, avoid touching public objects like poles in parks, bus stops, pen in bank offices. getting these things in practice will minimise your risk.

3. Use Sanitizer


make a practice of using sanitizer after few times like after visiting hospitals, after a handshake or sneeze. well, a study done by Children’s Hospital in Boston says that after studying  292 families for 5 months found 59% fewer cases of stomach infection and bugs than who are were not using sanitizer.and if our hands are wet or damp keep them dry by rubbing together for few second.

4. Give a Start to Exercise


Weel winters are the best time for getting some fat to loose and keep you body warm.Make a small start and trust me small exercises will help you in getting a good immune and also help you to be a good well being. Also, try to take foot outside and note does not start exercise before a warm up. Exercise will ease your joint pain and get the warm sensation in the body.

5. Massage 


Massage helps to lower down the calcitriol level, well this was the study which was taken over 500 people and calcitriol was down by 53 % with Massage therapy also massage help to create a good immune in cancer patients so definitely this will help you in winters. It releases pressure and increases the level of hormones like serotonin and dopamine which are biological mood boosters.

6. Take Multivitamin & Zinc


Winters can be coped with vegetables and other seasonal eatables but sometimes you need extra like vitamin so if possible manage to have multivitamin tablets a day which will provide you vitamins A, B6, B12, C, and D and the minerals chromium, copper, folic acid, selenium, calcium, and zinc. these multivitamins will help you to absorb the nutrients better when your food is full of fat and oily. also, try to have a warm glass of water to get the things done. cold ? zinc is the key a study say zinc releases ions which prevent people from the virus of the common cold and help you to get rid of the airborne disease also boost your metabolism.Choose zinc gluconate or zinc acetate with no flavour.

7. Eating Good


winter is full of eatable, lots of green vegetable and leafy veggies eating them will give you warm comfort but most of the food item we eat winters are high in fat salt and sugar. make sure your diet have winter fruits and vegetable these vegetable are packets of vitamins and minerals eg sweet potato, green leafy vegetables, beetroot, kiwi fruit, mandarins, bananas, garlic, and ginger.

8. Have Proper Sleep


In winters 8 Hrs of sleep will keep your immune system and you a healthy person and knock off colds and Avoid alcohol, caffeine, and cigarettes which will not allow you to sleep.Small exercise will help and support improved sleeping.

9. Skin Care


Cold weather gives you a dry, itchy skin, chill blains and eczema. reason is less humidity in the air due to winters dehydration reduced the circulation of blood. Use daily moisturisers and keep the skin healthy also include vitamin E or garlic in diet wich help with skin and blood circulation. also, garlic from omega-3 help manage itchy skin

10. Drink Lots of water


During winters temperature makes us cool and don’t allow us to feel water thirst or thirst decrease and we forget to drink water. so make reminders alarms and aim for two litres/day of water as water is very important for the body to functions. well you may intake water as we sometimes do try lemon tea, green tea  etc, there are lots of flavour for the same

“try this in winters and stay healthy”