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bangayamudda.com - About Us

Bangayamudda is a discussion platform for several issues going around nowadays. We are only trying to give a platform to our users for putting their views on the issues happening around with fast-growing social Web(internet). Talking about social on the internet we have Twitter, Facebook, through which we provide a touch of personalization and informative story-telling.

BangayaMudda offers a wide variety of unique, intrigues and uplifts through mix types of stories and Mudda(issues) in different categories. We also share and write articles which are knowledgeable, funny and interesting.

AS Team BangayaMudda, we believe that we can give smile, inspiration, education, and a voice to everybody through our platform. We use article, stories, videos, pictures to do the same. We believe that every point you put forward will make an impact on the web, our content is from users (i.e. readers/visitors inputs) and online web. We just share the thought of people and stories, a story that you won’t forget and yes we aren’t political.

“for the people”

“By the people”

“of the people”

Thanks, Team bangayamudda.com